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Friday, March 13, 2009

Let the Fun Begin: Baby Shower Planning!

Woohoo! Allison has offered to throw me a baby shower. I feel so loved! (And blessed that my brother is dating such a cool girl as Allison!)

When I told Dave about the party and that usually only females attend baby and bridal showers he was totally bummed. He wanted to come to the shower, too. So Allison suggested that we make it a co-ed shower since I have so many guy friends. And this way Dave's friends can come, too, since the shower really should be for us and not just me since we're both becoming parents.

We're finding out the sex of the baby on March 20 (assuming the baby cooperates and spreads it cute little legs for us during the appointment). So after that we'll come up with a theme for the party. Allison asked me what kind of food I want for the party and I said, "I will probably want cool foods since it'll be in the summer, like cucumber salad, fruit salad...and fried chicken of course." =)


steph.kelley said...

Oh boy, baby showers! I've never been to one, but they HAVE to be awesome. :) Have fun planning! xoxo

huntfamily said...

FUNNNNNN!!! too bad i dont live close enough to come. :(

Michael said...

Ours was co-ed and a lot of fun! Dave is right to want to attend.