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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What do you think?

I'm just curious...what do you think we're going to have? A boy or a girl?

Many people claim (as I do) to be able to "tell" what the sex of someone's baby is before its birth. For the last 5 of my friends who've had babies I've been right on the money each time. I can't explain it but I could just sense what they were having, even if they didn't know themselves.

But for some reason I can't tell at all what I'm carrying in my own belly! This is highly frustrating for me. Dave is sure it is a boy but we'll both be super happy with either sex (we sincerely just want a healthy baby).

So...what do you think I'm having?


Miss Piggy said...

HMmm. I can't feel the aura around your belly since I am out of state, but I would go with Girl if you are super sick. And boy if you are not sick, but super tired

erin said...


steph.kelley said...

Hm. I'm feelin' girl.