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Monday, March 9, 2009

Strollin' in Style

We bought the coolest stroller this weekend off of Craigslist. It is green!!! As you all know lime green is my absolute favorite color. Growing up my mom used to always say this color preference was a "faze" that I'd "grow out of." Maybe...but probably not. The color is perfect (in my opinion) for a girl or a boy. It was a pretty good deal--we saved about 50% of what the same system would have cost new--considering it came with a car seat and a car seat base. I know it is recommended that you always buy a new car seat since safety regulations change all the time, but this is only about a year old so I think we're fine. The guy we bought it from said his wife has already purchase and dismissed 4 strollers because she can't find one that she likes. Good for me, bad for her. Perhaps she should be the one buying strollers off of Craigslist and not new!

It is a Peg Perego Pliko P3 Pramette:

On Saturday night I made the boys (Edward, his two grad school friends who are visiting, and Dave) walk to the grocery store with me. I insisted that we take the stroller so we could use it to carry home all our stuff. The silly boys kept rolling their eyes at me, but it was so good that we brought it along. I bought tons of milk, OJ, and fruit (read: heavy stuff) to last us the week. With Edward and his two guy friends we are plowing through food quickly!

The stoller handles really well with a lot of weight in it...and it looks so cool. I can't get over how much I like the color. I know my dad will come right out and say how much he hates the color. Luckily Dave and I like it, it was a good deal, and it is safe for our little one.

After years of nannying, working in a nursery and at-home childcare, and constant baby sitting I've become familiar enough with strollers to know what I'd personally want in one. For our first stoller I was primarily concerned with manueverability, the breaking mechanism, basket storage, car seat compatibility, appearance, and ease of folding up/loading into the car.

Now I'll be purusing Craigslist for a used jogging or all terrain stroller. It is incredible just how many used strollers there are for sale. Most of them (at least in this area) are jogging strollers, probably because people think they're going to run off the baby weight and then never do. I hate running but those strollers are great for long walks along the greenbelt.

We considered using our REI dividend and 20% off coupon to buy a BOB all terrain stroller but after testing them out at the store we decided we didn't like them enough to buy a new one. They handle beautifully but I didn't like the way they folded up.


huntfamily said...

congrast! i just started laughing out loud (at work) at your walking your stroller to the grocery store. and definitely get a jogger with all the walking you do...i LOVE mine (also got it off craigslist!)

erin said...

congratulations on being pregnant! and i looooove the green color! when i have a baby, i hope his/her stoller will be as stylish and practical as yours is!

MrsTina said...

Rob and I seriously LOL'd when we read you took the stroller to the store. Too funny. It's a good idea though! I understand the heavy stuff since I carry my grocery's home on my shoulders!

Miss Piggy said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I love my peg perego!!! we have the pliko 3 too I think....Anyways it is awesome I want the double stroller but it is like 800 bucks. We bought our perego off of craigs list too.
You're widget looks like a boy is peeing!

Miss Piggy said...

we have the peg perego car seat too (the newer ones I think are lighter) but they are heavy, really nice, good for toning arms

The Bowers! said...
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The Bowers! said...

Just to clarify: I didn't take the stroller INSIDE the store with me (the boys stayed outside with the dogs and the stroller).

I'd have looked like a complete loony with an empty stroller in the store...kind of like the chick in Shopaholic and Baby book when she buys a stroller just to carry all her useless/frivolous purchases around the baby sale and people start asking her what happened to her baby since it isn't in the stroller. So funny. But no, I was determined to have a little more dignity than that.