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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I realize I often complain about the things that are not going right in my life. But there are plenty of great things in my life.

There's the usual list, of course; having a supportive, loving family and in-laws, a wonderful husband who puts up with my quirks, and a healthy baby boy who basically completes my world. It is also nice that nearly all the members of my close-knit group of "high school friends" are some how all ending up in Davis--I love having them all around!

Yes, those are all really, really wonderful things.

But the single thing for which I'm most grateful at this very moment in my life is...having laundry facilities in my house.

I can't imagine having to do all of Eddie's laundry at a laundromat. And we'd definitely NOT be doing home-laundered cloth diapers without our beloved washer.

It is ironic that the smallest person can make the most laundry! And it isn't all his laundry...a lot of it is laundry of ours that he gets dirty from spit up or diaper leaks. And then there are all of my shirts, breast pads, and bras that get soaked in milk. I'm soooooooooo glad that I don't live during a time when doing laundry involved scrubbing by hand and life with out Oxyclean. Can you imagine?


steph.kelley said...

I always think of the scene from The Little Mermaid in which Sebastian gets tossed into the laundry tub, and gets grated on the washboard, teeth clattering! Glad not to have to wash laundry like that, crustacean or no.

huntfamily said...

I totally second that. When Ash was born I was so stressed about all the laundry he really is an amazing feat for such a tiny person!

mu rye uh said...

totally! laundry is crazy