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Friday, September 25, 2009

Safety First

On our last trip up the coast to my in-laws' house, we had to stop in Santa Rose to buy a few things. I fed Eddie in the front seat of the car before we got back on the highway.

We have one of those baby viewing mirrors attached to the headrest so we can see what Eddie is doing while we're driving. Out of habit, Dave glanced in the rear view mirror and saw something in the baby seat:Since we had so much stuff in the car, there wasn't much room left in the back seat for the dogs to get comfortable. As it was, they were forced to sit on top of a 50 pound sack of sugar.

Being the weird dog that he is, Potatoes had decided to find a more comfortable place to nap.We try not to condone this type of behavior but this was just too funny! Dave snapped a few pictures and then made our furry boy get out of the baby seat. We're trying to get the dogs to learn that baby-scented stuff is off limits to them. But sometimes--like this--it is just too funny to get upset about.Ahhhhhhhh, how I love this pooch!


steph.kelley said...

So cute! Must have been hard to wake up poor Tatoes to get him to move. Awwwwww... xoxo

Stina said...

that's so incredibly adorable! we miss you, can we bring you anything or see you soon? we're not going to recognize eddie pie since i'm sure he's growing too fast! :)

erin said...

hahaha at first i thought eddie was in the seat and was worried for his safety!