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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Survivor: Davis

Forget the new episode of Survivor in Samoa...those TV producers should pay me to star in my own reality show of single motherhood. (Just kidding, my life isn't so bad...or so interesting.)

Yesterday was my first full day of being a single mom of 3...of one newborn baby and two crazy border collies.

I survived, somehow--without internet, with a cell phone that only allows me to make/receive calls sometimes, a lactation consultant appointment (in-home, thank God), and with under-exersized/over-excitable dogs who demanded that I take them to the park at 11pm. Whew. The most amazing thing is that I even remembered to eat three whole meals! Woohoo!

I spent about two hours on the phone with AT&T last night trying to reset the modem. We'd had a storm the night before that knocked out the power for a few hours. Because Dave was the one who set up the account and he was not here it was a HUGE FREAKING HASSLE to do. I kept having to call him for the security question answer and passwords but he couldn't remember what they were. It was hard to understand what the tech was saying on the phone because of her accent and the dogs' occasional barking and the baby's squalls didn't help the situation. I ended up pissed at Dave for not being here to help me with any of this (baby, dogs, laundry, dishes, internet) and not remembering or writing down the necessary information. Grrrrrrrrr!

But today is better. I had to go to the campus health center at the last minute this morning to get a heart monitor holter put on (so the doctor there will issue me a referral to see another cardiologist so I can get a second opinion about my SVT episode and what to do about it). Other than having to write down EVERY SINGLE ACTIVITY (sleeping, nursing, sitting, walking, urinating, etc.) that I do in 24 hours at the exact time they occur , not being able to shower, and having to walk a half mile to/from the health center since the entire road is closed to that part of campus this week, it isn't so bad.

In a few minutes we'll take off for Eddie's 1 month appointment. Poor little guy has to get some shots. =(

More later with some recent pics and Eddie's latest stats!


mu rye uh said...

poor guy. But babies forget. Us mom's remember everything! Don't feel bad if you feel bad. I totally know how you feel about taking care of stuff that the whut whut husbands orginially took care of. Good luck and super awesome you ate 3 meals!

steph.kelley said...

You are strong, Julie! Buon coraggio bellissima, you can do it!! xoxo