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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eddie's First Halloween

We had a relaxed Halloween this year--no crazy parties, no elaborate costumes, and no trick-or-treating for us. In the morning Dave and I took Eddie to a local pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins for us to carve and display on our porch. He was awake and such a good, non-fussy boy while we were there. Everyone kept saying what a cutie he was!After carving our pumpkins we did a photo shoot out front to document our pumpkins.
We made sure to buy edible pumpkins so I could cook them up afterward. Last year I cooked up a HUGE pumpkin and made some delicious pumpkin curry soup from nfortunately, some punk kid stomped Dave's pumpkin while we were gone so I couldn't cook it. Before we left the house I put out a bowl of candy for any kids that would stop by. I think the kid was probably upset that we'd run out of candy and stomped it as revenge or something. Oh well.Even before Eddie was born, Dave and I knew we wanted to dress him up as a Chipotle burrito--basically swaddled in foil. (If you haven't had the pleasure of eating a Chipotle burrito--specifically the barbacoa beef--you don't know what a great thing you are missing.)

If you go to Chipotle after 6pm on Halloween dressed in foil (or as any part of a burrito) you get a free burrito. Since we had no other plans other than giving out candy from our house, Dave and I decided to dress up and stand in line. It was too cold and the line was too long to hold Eddie in a swaddle of foil for our 1.5 hour wait--so he was a bottle of Tabsco sauce instead. (It wasn't elaborate at all since we really just stuck a Tabasco sauce emblem on his blanket while he slept in his car seat.Dave and I didn't want to spend any money on outfits so we just used our normal clothes to dress up as an avocado (Dave) and a Chipotle employee (me). I wore a giant foil bow and earrings, too.The line wasn't so bad--there were tons of college and high school students in line (some in very revealing costumes) and we had fun just eavesdropping on their conversations. Have you recently heard a normal hour-long conversation between two 13 year old boys? It is amusing, enlightening, and a little shocking.

I can't believe Eddie will be big enough to go trick-or-treating at a few houses next year...I think I will dress him up as a pink cow udder and let him sit in his cow print stroller. Maybe I'll be a farmer so I can push the stroller around...we'll see.


mu rye uh said...

I love it and you are looking good lady! BY the way for some reason it doesn't show up when you update your blog for me anymore! Ugh I just decided to try and it was updated..what the heck

steph.kelley said...

Great idea with the cow udder and farmer! Can't wait to see it! :)

steph.kelley said...

Great idea with the udder and farmer! Can't wait to see it. :)