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Sunday, November 22, 2009

What the %@*# is the world coming to?

My green Volvo wagon has been broken and in pieces in my dad's garage for over 8 weeks. EIGHT. WEEKS.

Not having a car really sucks when you have a baby and the only other car in your household spends most of it's time 3 hours away from your house.

It is true that I spent 2 weeks on the east coast and therefore didn't need a car and another two weeks where my mom was traveling and I got to use her car. But that still leaves four weeks without my own car. One week I was up in Gualala with Dave and had our Saturn sedan to use. But getting Eddie's baby seat in and out of the back middle seat of the Saturn (a very tiny car) is really, really not good for my lower back, my sanity, or my vow to stop cursing.

Having weighed all our options and made countless pro/con lists, Dave and I decided to look into purchasing a new vehicle for me. We can't afford a new-new car so we're looking at slightly used ones.

I'm still ashamed to admit it, but we're looking into buying a....minivan.


As a rule I don't like minivans for two reasons:

1. The women who drive them are usually bossy soccer moms who are terrible drivers
2. They are ugly

But when my car first died, Dave said that if we resorted to buying a new (used) vehicle, we should get a minivan since, "Eddie's not going to get any smaller, we have two dogs, and we'll have more kids before we know it."

I laughed and rolled my eyes and thought, "Yeah right. We're never getting a minivan."

But when I told this to my dad he said, "Well, you know Dave's right." Whenever my dad and Dave agree on something like this I always know they are right. And that sucks in this case.

We still don't have a vehicle for me but hopefully we will soon.

A year ago I didn't know I was pregnant but would have maybe believed someone if they said that in one year I'd have a child. But I would never have believed it if they said I'd be seriously considering purchasing my own minivan.


steph.kelley said...

A minivan! Don't fret: it's not so bad. They are nice for big&tall folk (yeah head room!), rowdy kids, prancy dogs. Granted, not cool. But comfy and practical for the family lifestyle you and yours are cultivating. You'll find a nice one and come to love it. :) xoxoxox

huntfamily said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA! i secretly want a mini-van....seriously so much easier with kids. i'm holding out though...i'll consider it when i have a 3rd kid. i'll be super excited for you when you get yours!