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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Yesterday Eddie started calling me "Mama!" (The exclamation point is two fold: from my excitement when I hear it and his excitement when he says it.)

I melt into a puddle every time he says it (which is, like, every 5 seconds).

Up to this point he'd just cry out and point to me. Hearing him call me "Mama" is the most beautiful sound EVER. Until he says it in a whiny tone when he's older I know it'll remain my favorite sound.

In order, here are the words Eddie can say at 14 months old:

Sister (referring to Ruby his dog-sister, sounds like "sisler")
Thank you ("teechoo")
Cheese ("chee-ssss")
Doggie (sounds like Dadda but he makes the baby sign for dog)
That ("Daaaaat")
Shoes ("shoe-ssss")
Cull ("uncle," as in Uncle Edward)

He understands a LOT more words than he can say. He can fetch a book, point to the correct dog when he ask him where one of them is, get a ball, grabs my shirt when I ask if he wants to nurse, and lots more.

Not only can be throw a ball, but he is getting pretty good at throwing grain to the chickens through the wire on the coop.

Everyday is so exciting because he's learning SO much new stuff. Most of his delicious baby pudge is gone because he burns so many calories moving around all the time (I swear, he's the wriggliest kid ever). We're thinking of making him an Energizer Bunny costume this year since he just keeps going and going and going and going....I keep hoping MY pudge will disappear from having to keep up with him but so far, it's a no-go.


Team Roy said...

Isn't he the coolest?!? AND the smartest?!? Lots of fun Julie :)

Kelly said...

Yeahhh, go Eddie!!! I love when babies start talking!!

It's funny how naming the dogs is so high on the list of early speech. I swear Renee is saying dog when she exclaims "DAHH!" every time she see's Kirby or Sophie. That probably says more about us "dog people" than it does about our babies though :D

And yes, I think an Energizer Bunny costume would be very fitting for that extremely busy and adorable boy :D

mu rye uh said...

go eddie!

Kait said...

Yay! That IS exciting!

steph.kelley said...

Hoorayyy! I can't wait to see (hear?) for myself. :)