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Saturday, October 9, 2010

What Does I O Weigh Boys?

Every time I see a license plate here in Des Moines, Iowa I sing that kid song, "What does I O weigh, boys, what does I O weigh? She weighs a Washington boys, she weighs a Washington..." (The song pronounces Iowa as I O weigh.)

My mom and I are in Des Moines for my college friend's wedding. Joanne has been here in Iowa for the last few years for medical school. I haven't even seen her since my own I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see her. The only crappy thing about going to the wedding of someone you've not seen in a while is that you don't have much time to actually hang out with them between the craziness of the wedding ceremony and reception. In fact, I've only seen Joanne for about 10 minutes so far (the wedding and celebration won't be until tomorrow) but we're planning on having breakfast together on Monday to catch up before our flight home. And I fully plan on coming back for at least a week-long visit someday soonish.

I'll report the details of the trip and the wedding in another post once we get back home. But tonight I just wanted to share these pictures and video of my darling, independent boy finishing his dinner at Cracker Barrel tonight. Holy good god, I love him to pieces.

Mama, I eat by myself like a big boy!Aren't I just the cutest boy ever? I'm so PROUD of myself!Oooh...Mama you're holding the camera! I want to touch it!And if that weren't enough sticky applesauce mess for you, here's the video:

When he was done, I wiped him down, then took him to the bathroom to turn his shirt inside out so he wouldn't get the toys messy (CB welcomes kids to play with all the toys in the store area). His little koala backpack/leash thing will have to wait for a washing when we get home.


mu rye uh said...

So cute! And I love cracker barrel seriously all that fatty food is wonderful!!!

erin said...

he has THE prettiest eyes.