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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crappy Internet + Holiday Madness + Storms = No Blog for Julie

Not having "fast" or somewhat reliable internet drives me nutty. Whenever I come to Gualala I'm frustrated by it for the first day, and then just don't worry about it anymore and enjoy my disconnected status.

I have two separate posts saved as drafts on my phone using an app called BlogAway but they won't post for some reason--I added a picture to each post and I think that's the problem. I can't figure out how to delete a photo from the post in that app and since the internet is soooooooooo slooooooooow here most of the time I can't ask the Almighty Google for advice.

Eddie won't let me use the computer without his "help" (which translates to him stealing the wireless mouse, turning the computer on/off, and doing the butterfly stroke on the keyboard). And last night we were so tired we didn't feel like trying to find the wireless password so I could use my laptop in bed.

We were without power for several hours during the crazy storm and a landslide wiped out a pumping station for the water company and we lost a LOT of sleep because the phones were ringing off the hook with pump alarm calls. Ah, life on the lost coast when you run a utility company...

More later, promise!


Barb's Blurbs said...

Hey, Julie! Bev just gave me your blog addy - did you know you can email your blog entries, along with photos? That's what I do sometimes. It is just part of the setup.

Barb (Bev's sister)

mu rye uh said...

you run a utility company? I am confuzzled
and agh I hate crazy internet too mostly when you are used to it-sammy always turns off the computer

The Bowers! said...

Dave's parents operate the water company in their town...I'm up in Gualala for the week (which you would have figured out if my OTHER posts could have been published!!). =)

Barb, I didn't even realize I could post from my email...I'm definitely doing that!! Thanks!