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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dyani's Livermore Baby Shower

This past weekend Eddie and I were in Livermore for Dyani's baby shower (one of two...this first one was hosted by my mom for Kateri's contemporaries, aka the "old people shower"). I was there to hang out with Dyani since she didn't know everyone and it would have been super awkward otherwise. I almost sat down at the end of the table with my mom, but Dyani hissed into my ear "don't leave me here in the middle with all these people I don't know!"

The big wedding shower we threw for her back in February was huge--sooooooooo many people (I think like 35-50 were invited) and it was a little crazy. So this time we decided to throw her two separate showers to make it more enjoyable for everyone involved, namely Dyani. I'll be throwing her a shower at her house in Brisbane in two weeks and that'll be for her coworkers and close friends.Friday evening Eddie and I picked my dad up and then met my mom for dinner at Emil Villa's (where else?). Eddie ate a cup of clam chowder and make a huge mess. Once he was done and getting antsy at the booth, my dad offered to take him on a walk outside. I pulled off his outer shirt since it was soaked in soup and put on his coat. In an effort to keep myself clean, I wadded up the shirt in a napkin and we realized later that we forgot to bring it home. I was/am devestated--he was wearing the "Someone in Alabama Loves Me" shirt my grandma had bought for Edward nearly 25 years ago. I texted Edward about it, apologizing for losing his shirt and he said, "At least it died in battle."

Before heading home that night, we went through the light display at Deacon Dave's. As usual it was amazing, and the mannequins were hilarious: there was one baking cookies and she looked SO bored. Another funny one was "Mommy kissing Santa Claus" but it looked more like Santa was copping a feel.The next morning I went to Dyani's parents' house to hang out until the shower. I brought a bunch of stuff for her to borrow (my sack of baby clothes up to 6 months, a small stroller, a baby tub, Bobby pillow, etc. as well as a Costco box of diapers and wipes as a gift from Edward). Then I dropped Eddie off at the Nyholm's house so Peter could baby sit him. Kelsey and her darling girl, Camia, were there and Eddie was so enamored that he didn't even notice that I left. I had 45 minutes before the shower started so I went to Ross and tried on shoes.

My mom and a few ladies were already at the shower when I arrived. It was held at the August Tea Room and we got to have a high tea meal--all the food was delicious!While eating we played some games (I won one!) and then she opened her presents. It made me teary-eyed to watch her hold up the newborn sized clothes and think about how she'll have her own tiny baby so soon. I can't wait to meet you, Baby Gaudilliere!It was particularly special because Dyani's grandmother, Jean, got to attend. So there were four generations, all in one room!
I had just enough time to drive over to the Nyholms to pick up Eddie. He was a happy camper, playing with Legos, and I was told he even took a nice 2 hour nap. Good job, Peter!

That night I made salmon coquettes for dinner. Right after Eddie went to bed my dad and I set up his make-shift photography studio in the family room so we could take pictures the next morning before Eddie's nap (which is when I planned to leave).

Sunday morning I made breakfast, cleaned up, and then put on a Greek toga of sorts (can't remember what it is really called). My dad took a few pictures of a naked cherub Eddie and his goddess mama. My goddess name, we decided, is Pampera (with the accent over the "e" in "Pampers" the diapers). We also took a couple of pictures of us in our normal clothes and some outside while looking at the baby goats our neighbors' grandkids are raising for 4-H. Right after I popped Eddie into his car seat and headed for Davis. He was passed out with an apple in his hand by the time I hit Vasco.

It was a great weekend, but we sure missed Davie. At least Dave got to have his house to himself for once!


Kait said...

I love your hats!

steph.kelley said...

Pampera! I love it! And I respectfully request to see the goat-petting pictures ASAP. :) xoxoxoxo

Kelly said...

Tell Dyani she looks adorable!

When do we get to see pictures of Pampera and her little cherub?

Team Roy said...

Love the teashop! Had a surprise shower for a girlfriend at one a few months back, so fun and girly :) Can't wait to get to Livermore for Christmas!