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Friday, August 7, 2009

Changing Table: Phase 2

As you'll recall, my dad made a custom changing table to fit into our hall bathroom. Dave and I gave my dad measurements for the table, given the small space where it could go in our bathroom. Not having much room to work with and REALLY wanting to restrict diaper-changing to the bathroom only, I had to search around for a really small changing pad to fit our small space. I knew I could always make my own if I had to.

I found this pad and cute covers at Ikea for super cheap:
The table top is made of wood and the corners are filled with triangular pieces of wood so we can avoid small crevices for stinky bodily fluids to collect. The contour of the sides like this, makes the inflatable changing pad fit perfectly. He made the end of the table a big longer than the pad to accommodate Eddie's feet as he grows into toddlerhood.This steel box tubing construction is total overkill for a changing table, but we will move it outside someday and use it as a plant/potting stand. It has adjustable feet on it so the height can vary by a few inches.My dad ran out of time to finish the table so Dave and I did it. Instead of the plan for wooden cabinetry (drawers and a cabinet door) on the underside, Dave made some plywood shelves for me, that we primed and then painted with shiny white appliance epoxy (like you'd use on a fridge). This stuff is super durable and will withstand being cleaned a lot.

At Michael's craft store I found these sets of baskets for 50% off. They fit the shelves perfectly (going almost all the way to the back for maximum storage) and hold all the stuff nicely. I made curtains for the table to keep the dust and dog hair out of the baskets (and to hide the junk when we have company). Not that anyone but me cares, but the curtains match the shower curtain I made last year...the whole room coordinates! For now, the cloth diapers are stacked inside my cousin Mike's old diaper holder (the green thing hanging to the right of the table).

After we finished installing our second oven in the kitchen, we ended up with an extra wall cabinet, so Dave and I hung it in the bathroom over the changing table. I mounted a small fluorescent "task light" on the underside so I could see the baby's bum better. To make it dimmer so it won't blind him, I taped a piece of cloth over the light. The diaper pail is a Simple Human garbage can with a waterproof, washable diaper sack inside instead of a garbage bag. I had to remove the drawstring from the bag so it would fit, but it seems like it'll work. Only time and stinky diapers will tell, though...

I bought some nylon strap and a buckle so I can make a safety strap to go across the changing table. Most people I know don't use the safety strap on their changing tables, but I've found them to be quite useful for very squirmy babies--just cinch it down so they can't roll over as easily.


Mimi mouse said...

So neat! Sounds weird, but with the light above it reminds me of the delivery room baby beds.

Elizabeth M said...

I am not having any more kids for awhile, but totally want one of these when we have another kid or two! If you have "directions" I would love to have a copy.

steph.kelley said...

Catching up on your blog from months ago. So you've decided to go cloth, not disposable! Will ask you some time for the reasons -- it's a difficult decision between the two, no?