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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Eddie-isms: 25 months

I always joked about this day coming...that Eddie would one day say, "Mama! Stop KISSING ME!" Dave and I cannot hold ourselves back from kissing Eddie's adorable cheeks and his warm, smooth neck when we are holding him. He's just so kissable!

Well, yesterday he actually said to me: "Mama, no kissing!" Sigh. Too bad for him, I don't listen very well. ;)Other Eddie soundbites of late:
  • "Mama, do dis." He says this while moving his body a certain way (like dancing) or mimicking some cleaning or home improvement task. It is hilarious. Last night at dinner we had a mini, arms-only dance party at the table that he initiated. Other times he'll ask me for a "ash cwof" (washcloth), clean the floor with it, and beckon me to do the same.
  • "Dat hurt me!" Any time I do something that he doesn't like (putting socks on, changing his diaper, pulling a shirt down over his head, etc.) he exclaims that I'm hurting him. It takes me a second to determine if I've actually hurt him or not (usually not) and then respond with, "No, I didn't hurt you, you're okay."
  • "Eddie siwwy! Hahahahaha!" Siwwy, of course, is silly. And yes, he laughs at himself when he says this.
  • "Eddie eat bwekfast!" Lately we've been having OJ with our breakfast. Well, when we get home after school he always insists on having a "nack" (snack). I let him eat some fresh or dried fruit while I make dinner or--if I'm lucky and well-prepared--dinner just requires reheating so I make him wait for five minutes while I serve our food. Over the last week he's begun to understand me when I explain that we only get to have OJ with breakfast, that we don't just drink juice whenever we want. The other night he asked for juice, I said "no, only for breakfast," he thought about it, and then said, "Eddie eat bwekfast now!Orange juice!" Hahaha, not quite, buddylove. But you're a keen kid!
  • "No sound!" Sometimes when I have the radio on in the car he'll cover his ears and yell "no sound Mama!" Usually while NPR is on...maybe he just finds it boring. I'll turn it off and ask him if that's better. He always nods and says an enthusiastic "yep!"


Team Roy said...

I love all of this! I think he is very vocal for a 25mo little boy. That picture of him is ADORABLE! Whoa, so handsome...and all Dave. Not that I haven't said that before, but

steph.kelley said...

Oh my golly, SO CUTE. I love these Eddie-isms posts. What a charmer you have there. :) Big kisses to you all-- including Eddie! xoxox

Mariah said...

love this! Sweet guy!