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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Learning by Imitation

Isn't it adorable to watch your child learn how to do things by watching...and copying you?

Here are some of my favorite instances of our little man trying so hard to be a big boy.

-Wearing his backpack, like a big boy (this is our backup diaper bag that we keep in the BOB stroller):

-Helping Dadda with any shoveling or pitch-forking needs:

-Pretending to text and chat on the phone (complete with rambling conversations about everything from having poopy diapers, to what he did that day, to what he wants to eat for a snack):

Yesterday and today we've been home sick with what I think is croup. Eddie sounds like a LOUD sea lion when he coughs and his voice is getting hoarse, but he really doesn't have any other major symptoms at this point--and I hope it stays that way! He cries when he coughs (mostly morning and night and after a nap) but I can't tell if the sound scares him or if it actually hurts. Several kids at Eddie's daycare have croup or bronchitis or something. His energy level is still high enough that he wants to ride his bike, help wash dishes and do all the other stuff he normally does at home. Cool air is supposed to help reduce swelling in the larynx so I figure playing outside is fine as long as we avoid other kiddos so we don't spread the virus around.

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