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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Breakfast Picnic at Northstar Park

This morning we decided to have breakfast in the park--with donuts!  Yum!  Dave picked up donuts while I packed up some huge Thermoses with coffee and milk and got Eddie and myself ready.  Then we loaded the dogs up into the van and took off to Northstar Park.
Here you can see the pond and the playground behind as we approached the park from the north end.

Northstar Park has retention ponds and wetlands that help mitigate flooding in Davis, as well as provide habitat for a variety of birds.  Of course, Eddie didn't care about all that, he was just interested in the playgrounds. We played hide and seek and dug a hole in the sand looking for treasure after we ate our breakfast.
Bowers enjoying our coffee and sweet breakfast treats!
I love this Thermos set--isn't it awesome?  It probably dates from the 1970s or 1980s. I helped a family friend clean out her parents' house in SF after they passed away and we found this.  Along with many other household items, she let me have this since she didn't have a use for it.  (Our rotary phone, double boiler, and parfait glasses came from there, too. All vintage, all awesome.)
So now we have only 15 new Davis parks to visit before the end of June, to complete our mission of visiting all the parks before we move.  I'm not sure we'll make it to all the Yolo County parks, but we'll try.


Kaitlin said...

you're moving THIS june? and that thermos set is AWESOME.

steph.kelley said...

Almost a month later, but I enjoyed this post! Donut picnic in a lovely park is a major, major win. I'll have to borrow your idea one of these mornings... :) xoxoxo