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Monday, September 10, 2012


Dave is certified to be a water tender or a bulldozer operator for Cal Fire.  He's never been able to respond to a fire when called previously because the fires were too far away or they were contained before he and his dad could get their equipment out there.

But in the last two weeks there have been two fires near Gualala.  The first one was a result of a logger falling a tree that hit a power line, which sparked a fire in some very dry brush.  Since Dave was on the bulldozer in the logging operation already he didn't have to travel at all.  Of course, at the point when Dave helped contain the blaze, it wasn't yet a Cal Fire issue.
Fireman Davie!
Then last Tuesday night, he and his dad were called by Cal Fire to help with a fire near Gualala.  Dave's shift was from 9pm-9am.  Whew.  He said it was too steep, dusty, and foggy to get closer than 2 miles from the fire so he had to sit and wait until someone needed water from his truck.  As of this morning, he said he heard it was contained to only 6 acres.  It's a small enough fire that I can't even find it on the Cal Fire website (and that's a good thing).

I've always had a goal of being on the volunteer fire crew up in Gualala someday...maybe once all my kids are in school.

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steph.kelley said...

Neat to see Dave in action. Glad that the fire was so small!! Have you talked to Mr. Miracle about his fire-fighting experiences? I never have, but he's one of the few volunteer firefighters I know. xoxoxox