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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Construction Princess

I let Eddie see the fireman picture of Dave during dinner the other night.  So he was inspired to go put on some of his construction worker costume items at the end of dinner since Dave's wearing a yellow helmet in the picture.  
Eddie is three and I love this age so much.  He's a HUGE handful some of the times but his "logic" is hilarious, his vocabulary is astounding, and his preferences make me laugh.  Especially the construction and princess stuff.

As most of you know, Eddie is obsessed with all things construction: heavy equipment, digging holes, building things, hardhats, and tools.  Every library visit involves at least two books on the subject and whenever we see a tractor of any kind while driving or biking we have to talk about it at length: What's it doing?  What's it called? Where's it going? Can I drive it with Daddy? Why does it have tracks instead of wheels?  What kind of bucket is on it?  

For the last month a construction crew ('struction crew') has been working on replacing the water main on Cassie's street and all the way to campus (about 1.5 blocks).  So every pickup/drop off has been extended another 15 minutes because Eddie insists on being able to stand on the sidewalk with me to watch the construction workers doing their jobs.  

On Monday I mentioned to one of the guys that their presence is making it really hard for me to drop Eddie off.  He chuckled and told Eddie to get a different job that is less difficult when he grows up.  I explained what Dave and his dad do for a living--and as it turns out, this guy knows the Bowers!  Crazy small world, this guy is from Point Arena.  Of course I called my mom and she said that we actually know his mom, too.  Weird.  

Anyway, this morning was no different with respect to watching the construction--except that Eddie wanted to wear his Cinderella dress to school.  He got it for his birthday and hadn't worn it yet since I had misplaced all the gifts in the garage.   
Wearing his dress, pink shoes, and blue wig.
He had to ditch the wig in order to wear his helmet on the ride to daycare.   And I showed him how to hold his dress up like a princess so he won't drag it on the ground when he walks.  Did you know Cinderella likes backhoes?
The backhoe operator drove past us with a bucket full of road base and he totally laughed when he saw Princess Eddierella standing there watching him so he blew the horn a few times.  


Leah Roy said...

I love a kid that knows what he wants/likes! And I agree that age 3 is very fun, even with the hard times. They really get stuff and can have conversations with you, so cool.

Mariah said...

Well it is true Cinderella had to work really hard. aww. This picture makes me miss my andrew dressed up :(

Justin said...

You have ample ammunition to horrify and embarrass Eddie when he brings home his prom date! Way to think ahead.