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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Four Year Old Voice Mail

Four years and one week ago, Eddie was born. My mom called me that day and left Eddie a "happy one week old" voice mail.  I have listened to and saved that message on my phone ever since. Today I finally got around to recording the message.  It took me a while I figure out how to do all that (record, convert to mp3, upload to Google Dive, share with link) but it's finally done.

Because of my heart problem during week 14 of the pregnancy, I had to avoid all potential caffeine until Eddie was born. I remember being excited to finally eat chocolate again. So I made some brownies and stuck a candle in them to celebrate Eddie's 7th day of life.  Edward teased me but agreed to take a picture of the momentous occasion...and partake in some of the brownie eating.  How fitting that Eddie should choose to have brownies last week for his birthday dessert, too.

Click here to listen to Grandma Jane's voice mail for Eddie's one week birthday.

Three Bowers and some brownies on 8/20/2009. Holy crap were we TIRED back then. ...And boy was I chubby...

Three Bowers and brownies on 8/13/2013.
Happy 4 years, 7 days Edwardamus!


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Ms. said...

This was such a tender post for me and I love it. Yay for brownies!!!! And It doesn't seem that long ago to me (I feel like I should have a blog stalking anniversary) holy cow 4 years!