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Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Boy Taters

Garsh, I sure love this dog of mine.

Just now I was on the phone with my dad, sitting outside in the sunshine of the "island house" across from the Coast House.  The dogs came out with me and we all just soaked in the relaxing warmth. Ahhhh.  I told my dad I'd take a picture of the precious doggies to email to him. But of course they could tell that I was talking about them (my tone, I guess) so they jumped up and ruined their pose.

It's okay, though, because Taters came over to me for some loving.

I can't believe I ever lived without dogs in my life. Never again, I can't go back to those dark (fur-free) days.

Anyone who argues that animals are incapable of real, unconditional love toward humans and are only drawn to people who feed them has never had canine companions before.  I feel bad for people like that.

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