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Monday, April 13, 2009

Five Months

Today marks the beginning of my fifth month of pregnancy. much to do in four short months!

I just had to take a screen shot of my baby widget from the blog today since it is just so funny. The size of the baby and its position changes a little each week but this week is by far the funniest yet:
I read in my What to Expect When You're Expecting Book that my baby will double its weight in the next month (wow) and that I can expect to gain about a pound a week from here on out (holy crap). much weight to gain in four short months!

I've already gained about 20 pounds and I can't imagine gaining another 18-20 pounds. My mother-in-law pointed out that it is good that I have a long waist and short legs--it will help keep my center of mass low to the ground. She said, "aren't you glad you aren't tall with long legs? Just imagine how hard it would be to walk when your belly gets much bigger. You'd fall over!" That totally made me laugh.

I've always hated my long waist because it is hard to find shirts that cover my stomach. Luckily the fashion world has moved past those annoying "baby tees" that we popular in the mid 1990s and now favors long shirts with longer undershirts for layering. I just wish that the panels on the Old Navy maternity pants were longer/taller so they'd sit above my belly instead of grasping to the top of my bump. Oh well, at least I only have to wear this style of pants for a few more months. Once it gets hot I'll just live in my gaucho pants (Allison was kind enough to send several pairs back here with Edward so I have a good supply of them).


Mimi mouse said...

Hehe-crotch shot! I have short legs and a long torso too! Near the end I am having to buy some bigger tank tops to cover my bump. Yes, summer, you can live in cut offs and gauchos

R. Gehmlich said...

Hey Julie, congrats on pregnancy. I hope yours is happy and without sickness. My poor wife threw up between 2 and 10 times a day with our first for the entire pregnancy... During the pregnancy and for the first year of Jakob's life, she was pretty much intent on wanting to adopt the rest of our kids... Now she's about 12 weeks along with number two and I think it's only marginally better than last time. Fun times though. Welcome to our blog. This year it's more like a trlog, but there's still lots of cute pictures of Jakob in there too. Oh, and my wife did say the pain and constant nausea was worth it... We got a great kid.

Tina said...

Wow - its been that long already!!! Time is flying by!

steph.kelley said...

Uh oh: I'm going to tip right over, apparently! Too top-heavy with a belly so high off the ground. :P Good luck on your pound-a-week, dear thing. xoxo