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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Can Feel It!

Wow! Over the past few weeks I've finally been able to feel little Eddie moving around in my belly. All the books say that the early movements feel like butterflies in your stomach or a gas bubble and boy, are they right.

At only 22 weeks, I can now feel him move a lot even though it is usually very gentle.

Just now I was leaning my belly on my desk here in the lab while I tapped out an email and I could really feel him moving or kicking. So much so that it surprised me.

I pulled back and pressed on that area with my hand and I could totally feel him kicking! It was shocking (honestly, a little scary) and so weird! I can't get over how weird it is that there is a whole person inside me!

There's no one else in the lab with me anymore so I couldn't make anyone else come over and feel it. So I got onto Gmail chat and told Edward. He said the baby is trying to get out. Haha, I hope not!

Just an FYI: Eddie is what we're calling the baby and Edward is my brother. I have always had trouble calling my brother anything but his full name. (My habit is to call people by whatever I'm first introduced to them as--when it comes to dog names, however, I come up with all sorts of variations and childish nicknames. That'll likely happen with the baby, too. But right now he's Eddie.)


Mimi mouse said...

Little Eddie is happy to be with his momma! Has your hubby been able to feel him?

The Bowers! said...

No, Dave hasn't felt him move yet. Since it only just happened yesterday and Dave lives/works up in Gualala during the week. Hopefully he'll move a bunch this weekend when I'm up in Gualala with Dave so he can feel it.

huntfamily said...

so exciting! have you felt hiccups yet....those are my favorite.

Updates on Allison said...

That is so cool! I want to feel little Eddie.