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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pre Baby To Do List

Here's my list of "to do" tasks before the baby comes in August. Since many of these things require Dave's help (and often my dad's help), they have to wait until the weekends to get done--and we only have about 15 weekends left!

J = Julie
D = Dave
H = Harold
E = Edward
  • Open a college savings account for baby J (4/21)
  • Life insurance for me J (4/21)
  • Make changing table H (4/30)
  • Buy crib off Craigslist J (5/18)
  • Finish registering J (4/21)
  • Make tons of cloth diaper wipes J (5/27-28)
  • Get Simple Human garbage can for diaper pail (stink proof!) J, D (5/11)
  • Organize the hall closet/build shelves in closet J, D (4/25)
  • Run water line from BBQ yard to utility yard for irrigation J, D (4/26)
  • Install patio in BBQ yard J, D, H (6/13-6/18)
  • Sell old range, hood, and microwave on Craigslist D (4/26)
  • Finish retaining wall in front yard J, D (5/9, 5/15)
  • Irrigation/timers in front yard J, D (5/25)
  • Landscape front yard (or just mulch it and wait until fall) J (7/14)
  • Gas line installation for new oven D, H (5/2-3)
  • Install oven (5/3) and remaining cabinets in kitchen J, D (5/22-23)
  • Arrange for counter top installation from Lowe's J, D (12/4)
  • Install folding door between living room and hallway J, D (5/11)
  • Replace hot water heater D, H (5/2)
  • Hire a doula J, D (never mind...Edward has agreed to be our "doula") =)
  • Buy health insurance for baby J, D (6/4--found out he's covered under Dave's insurance for a while then we'll buy his own policy later)
  • Defrost deep freeze and make list of ready-to-eat items J (7/6)
  • Stock freezer with casseroles and other defrost-heat-and-eat items J
  • Unpack, sort, wash, and store baby stuff from my parents' house J (4/28)
  • Give crystal cabinet to Julie's parents J (5/3)
  • Earthquake proof baby's dresser and bookcase D (6/21)
  • Make curtains for baby's room from Grandma's old fabric J (6/2)
  • Flagstone porch and paths in the front yard J, D, E (6/6, 6/23, 7/4)
I know what you're thinking: "Holy crap, Julie. That's a loooooooooong list. You're never going to get it all done." Eh, you might be right but I think we'll get most of it done. Dave calls me a slave driver when it comes to getting stuff done around the house--I don't take offense to that because I am. But I don't treat him like a slave any more than I treat myself like one (haha)!

People like us have lists like this when we are discover we're unexpectedly expecting in the midst of renovating our first home.

I'll make sure to cross things off this list as I get them done; hopefully I won't be adding much to this list. (Dave--you will be happy to see that new windows are not on the list. You won that battle, my love!)

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Mimi mouse said...

Hehe my to do list for Kalon is always longer than mine. We bought the diaper genie II and really like it. It requires special refills, but helps a lot with poop smell and Andrew can't pull out the poopy ones and unroll them.