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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Travel at 8 Months?

There is a symposium coming up in early July that is all about soil organic matter--you know, all the dead plant, microbial, and animal stuff that is mixed in amongst (or chemically bonded to) soil particles. Just hearing or reading those words, soil organic matter, really gets me excited. And I REALLY want to go to this symposium with my labmates and professors because it is going to be SO interesting.

At first I thought it was in June, in which case I'd definitely go, assuming my doctor says it is okay. But now I realize that it is in July and I will be 8 months fat (I mean pregnant...) at that point and I'm just not sure it is such a good idea.

The plan is for all of us to drive there together in a university van, which is better than flying since I don't think most airlines will even allow third trimester to fly. But can I even travel when I'm that far along?

I guess I'll have to wait until my next OB appointment to find out if traveling 4 states away is okay at 8 months. Grrr...


huntfamily said...

i've heard a big no on this one and that a lot of insurance companies won't cover you if you go into labor or if something happens while out of state in your 3rd trimester. i don't know for sure, though.

Mimi mouse said...

I think its after 34 or 36 weeks depending on the person. Eek I don't know about riding in a van though! Sitting that long would hurt. But maybe it will be so worth it!

The Bowers! said...

You're probably right. I just want to go sooooooooooo bad. I'm going to miss out on so much cool organic chemistry talk!

steph.kelley said...

Sorry for you, Julie. :( You can tell wee Edward that he owes you big for the first huge sacrifice you made for him still in utero. One of only about infinity to come. xoxo