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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Incubation Chamber

My friend Yumi silk screened me another shirt. This one says "Incubation Chamber" on my bump.
This cracks me up because I have a "real" incubation chamber in the lab near my desk. Instead of a fetus inside that one, there are 48 Mason jars full of compost respiring away. But you know, it is almost the same thing: both chambers are moist, held at a constant warm temperature, and provide the perfect conditions for maximum growth.

I told Yumi that we should start selling our funny pregnancy/maternity shirts--she can make them and I can come up with all the silly (okay, nerdy) slogans.

Here's a picture of me with both incubation chambers. Our lab is a little ghetto and we didn't have money for a commercial chamber so I had to make one out of scraps of insulation. But it works just fine. (It is open in this picture because I had to swap-out a tray of jars off the yellow carbon dioxide detector.)


steph.kelley said...

I agree that you two should go into business. :) Your incubation results will be cuter than compost.

Mimi mouse said...

I agree you should sell them online