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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Breastfeeding Support Program!!!!!!!!!

I just got this email in my inbox and it made me oh-so-happy:

Dear Campus Community,

We are pleased to announce the continuation of the Breastfeeding Support Program through a newly-formed partnership of the Foods for Health Institute [] and Human Resources: WorkLife []. Effective July 1, the Foods for Health Institute will fund the program and the HR Work Life Team will continue management of its operation.

Current program components will remain intact—lactation sites equipped with hospital-grade breastpumps, consultations with a board-certified lactation consultant, breastfeeding support group meetings, and resources to facilitate a woman’s return-to-work/school from maternity leave. A campus policy regarding lactation accommodation is being finalized.

We are all very pleased that we will be able to continue this program that means so much to our campus community.

Karen Slakey Hull, Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources

Bruce German, Director, Foods for Health Institute, Professor, Food Science and Technology

Thank you to everyone who signed the online petition at my request and/or sent in letters to Chancellor Katehi on Eddie's behalf. This program was going to end in June because of budget cuts--thank goodness UC Davis realized that for only $12,000/year and serving so many campus women and their families it was too valuable to cut. You rock, UC Davis!


Team Roy said...

I'm so glad to hear!

huntfamily said...

THat's awesome! congratulations! so proud i signed on your behalf :)

mu rye uh said...

That is so awesome. I am full support of boob drinkers.