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Monday, February 28, 2011

An Evolution of Eddie's Nicknames

In our family, the number of nicknames a person has is directly proportional to how much we love that person. So get ready for a looooooooooooong list.

In order:
  • Eddie
  • Eddie Pie
  • Big E
  • Biggest Man
  • Biggest Little Man
  • Biggesist Man
  • Lover Lump (since he's smaller than Dave, my Lover)
  • Edimus (sounds sorta like Oedipus...not that that's a good thing...)
  • Edimus Pie (our little song was, "Edimus, Edimus, Edimus Pie!")
  • Ediwadamus
  • Wadamus
  • Wada-mee-us
  • Edi-wada-weirda-mus
  • Edi-wada-worda-weirda-mus
  • Edi-wada-worda-weirda-walka-runna-talka-mus (we added a piece with each new skill he acquired)
  • Edi-moose
  • Wada-moose
  • Wonder Moose (Uncle Edward came up with this one)
  • Wada Dada von Moosen (his fake German name)
  • Wonder Moosen (another fake German name, pronounced Vonder Moosen)
  • Desitin Man (said in a sing-song voice like you would for a super hero flying through the sky: "Dun, dun, dun, DUN....Desitin Maaaaaaaan!")
  • WadaSeuss, as in Dr. Seuss. I sent Edward a picture of Eddie in his striped jammies. He showed it to Jennifer, who said Eddie looked like a Dr. Seuss character. She's right!
We regularly call him Wadamus, Eddie, Wonder Moose, Wada-mee-us, and Wada Dada von Moosen. (Okay, be honest we use most of these names on a daily basis.) It cracks me up that Cassie calls him Wadamus!

Our dogs have zillions of nicknames, too. But Eddie knows them best as "sister" and "brother," although he can say "Ruby" and I heard him say something that vaguely sounded like "Taters." This poor kid will grow up to think that he's a dog or the dogs are people!


Kelly said...

So funny! I love how nick names build on themselves. Going from Eddie to Wadamus was not a simple path!!

We do the same thing :D My mother in law gave me a really weird look when she heard me calling Kirby "Wirbalicious". And I try to only call Renee "Angel Pie Poopoo Pants" in the privacy of our own home.

Team Roy said...

Wadamus is awesome! What a great nickname. We all call Lucy "foo" now, poor girl is never gonna shake that nickname thanks to her big brother.

mu rye uh said...

I agree about the nicknames!

steph.kelley said...

love it. the german ones are awesome, but i can't decide which ones i like best — they're all fab. xoxox

SUSAN said...

Sounds exhausting...just reading them all, I was out-of-breath.