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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Schwind Baby Shower!

On Saturday I co-hosted John and Jessica's baby shower at our house (along with their friend, Stephanie). They will be welcoming a boy/girl set of twins in April! (I am trying very, very hard to NOT be jealous of them!) It was really touching to see how many people came to the party to celebrate them and their babies. Even my mom came!

For food we decided to have a personal pizza bar--so we set out a variety of toppings and premade balls of dough so folks could decorate their pizzas however they wanted. The night before the party John, Stephanie, and Jessica came over and we had a ball prepping all the food. Somehow, though, I completely forgot about buying drinks...oops! Lucky for me, Dave was nice and ran out during the party to buy some sodas.

We used our wall oven and pizza peels to bake the pizzas...we managed to do about 6 at a time using our pizza stone and a borrowed one. A couple of weeks ago we bought a set of six 6"x6" baking stones off They are pretty thick, and since they are separate you can use however many you want, in any configuration. Paired with our two pizza peels, people were able to make their pizzas at leisure and bake them whenever they wanted. Other than setting off every smoke detector in the house, it was a success! I think next time we'll bake them outside on the BBQ, though.
For games, Stephanie bought a variety of baby foods, removed the labels, and had us guess what they were. She banned everyone who has kids already, assuming we'd know which flavors are which. I got to play since Eddie didn't ever eat store-bought baby food. ...And having participated in the game I'm glad he never did. Yuck. I was completely stumped by what turned out to be bananas. Then we played gift bingo--people got to mark off items while the parents-to-be opened gifts. Stephanie also bought plain white bodysuits and let people decorate them with puff was cute! Jessica is an epidemiologist and a lot of her grad school friends make a rather dorky "epi" onesie.

Their cake was from the Solano Bakery and was so yummy! I wish I had snagged a bigger piece because the whole rest of the day I was craving cake.

Dave and I cooked up several different things using all the pizza topping leftovers: frittatas for lunch, quesodillas for dinner, and more personal pizzas the following day.

Eddie and Renee were the only non-fetal yet mobile babies at the party and they had a BALL together. It was SO nice to have an active friend around for Eddie because he left me alone for nearly the whole party. That meant I could cook, socialize, eat, and smooch on Renee. Of course, when he saw the smooching he did get a little jealous and insisted that I pick him up, too. THIS is why I don't have to go to a gym! Can you imagine how strong my arms would be if I had twin Eddies? Ouf!


Team Roy said...

What a fun shower! I love the personalized pizza idea!

Kelly said...

Awww, super cute pic of you giving Renee a kiss :D She loves you guys and LOVES playing with Eddie, Taters and Ruby (although I'm not so sure the dogs feel the same about her).

It's so funny that you're jealous of Jessica and John for having twins! With Jeff being a twin, I was super afraid that we were going to have a set ourselves (even though it's passed through the mother's genes, not the father's) and was sooooo relieved when we found out that there was only 1 baby in there :D

We had such a great time at the shower! And we can't wait to meet the new Schwind babies and to see what creative meal you are going to cook in their honor!

steph.kelley said...

What fun! Great activities, great food, cute babies. Twin envy, eh? XOXO