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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Best Family Photo of 2010

My dad developed the last remaining sheet of film from our holiday photo shoot. This is the last and best photo he took that day. He scanned the film and used Photoshop to tone down the shadows behind our heads.

We're all looking at the camera! Thank goodness because about three seconds after this photo was taken Eddie turned around and barfed all over me (and Edward's slippers). Luckily he was in good spirits--and starving for a second breakfast!--right after he puked. His stomach bug lasted for a few more days but no one else got sick. I'm guessing he ate something nasty at my parents' house. Poor can almost see the upchuck gurgling around in his tummy. But that deadpan look of his is so cute nonetheless.


mu rye uh said...

I love family pictures

Kelly said...

Great picture! In 10 years, your dad won't even remember what he didn't like about it, he'll just be happy he captured the moment!!