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Monday, February 14, 2011

A Weekend Full of Cute Babies

This last weekend was so great! Saturday Dave let me sleep in and then we took a bike ride to get some lunch. The weather was SO nice so we took advantage and played outside a lot. An injured chicken showed up in our yard the evening before and I took her to the emergency vet on campus that day . The poor gal was really beat up--I don't know the details yet but my vet friend is going to tell me what the outcome was once the report is in.

I was supposed to attend my friend's birthday dinner that night at a fondue restaurant, but decided not to go when I realized how much money it was going to cost. So I made us a full Christmas dinner instead (yes, I know it is February). We had ham, greens, crescent rolls, and mashed yams with raisins. Our "small" family Christmas dinner ended up with so many guests that we didn't get any left overs! We loooooooooooooooooooove ham and were disappointed that we didn't get to eat left over ham (for omelets, pea soup, fried rice, etc.). So now we have lots of yummy ham. Anyway, it was scrumptious!

Sunday morning I got up, got dressed, loaded 12 quarts of honey into the car (along with a baby swing), and headed to Brisbane to see Dyani and Batiste. It was a really, really good day! Dyani is doing such a good job with her precious babe--he's absolutely perfect and thriving. I got to hold him pretty much all day long. We had a leisurely lunch, went on a walk, talked about everything under the sun (she picked my brain for parenting advice and I hers about how to better brush Eddie's teeth), made dinner, and just hung out. Sweet Batiste was definitely the highlight of my weekend. He's such a little doll. It's funny, Dyani is convinced that he's bigger than Eddie was back when she first met Eddie. But at three weeks old, Batiste has gained two pounds and is now the size Eddie was at birth. Ha! Brice was at the hospital for 24 hours so I stayed as late as I could so she wouldn't have to be alone too long. When I got home Dave was still up so we had a snack and then went to bed. While I was in Brisbane, Eddie and Dave got to play with Mike, Bernie, and Zennie. I'm glad they all had fun. The evidence of their fun is still in the house: orange tree leaves and a stray orange...I think Uncle Mike told Eddie it was a ball because he keeps throwing it around the house.
I wish I could have been there, too--Zennie is so freaking cute! Mike said he thinks she's so cute he could eat her...I said, "why not?" I kiss Eddie so much sometimes I want to suck his cheeks right off. So I think a little baby nibbling here and there is perfectly reasonable. Okay...I'm weird. But seriously...those Bower genes make some dang cute kiddos!


mu rye uh said...

awww sweet baby! My best friend down here is preggers and is moving to N.H. before the baby will be born...mawwww! It is terrible! And I have to counteract my disappointments with mini parties such as feasts....basically food

Kaitlin said...

omgosh batiste is ADORABLE. you're a lucky aunty!

steph.kelley said...

What a life full of cute babies! They are lucky to have you around. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo