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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chicken Tractor!

Dave finished our chicken tractor this weekend. It is a mobile chicken pen with an open bottom, designed to allow you to control where the chickens can be in the yard. We'll usually have ours set up between the beds in the garden so our chickies can eat all the insects, weeds, and weed seeds without damaging the vegetables.

Dave's handiwork got Eddie's seal of approval!Inside I hung a small waterer and feeder. They have a perch under a small shaded area. On hotter days I'll be sure to put an extra shade over the top so they won't get too hot.There is a door on one end to let the chickens (and Eddie) in and out. Wheels on the opposite end from the handle allow me to move it around the yard pretty easily.

We're not sure we like the blue color, but it was the cheapest, funnest outdoor color I could find that was pretinted. I wanted a blue color because I thought it would evoke "cool" feelings in the garden during our hot, hot summer months.


Kelsey said...

Jeremy's almost done building our coop, and because of your post, I think I'll be wanting a tractor next!

mu rye uh said...

I like it and the color-it reminds me of a 57 belair

Kaitlin said...

this makes me what chickens- sort of.

Kelly said...

Very cool!! Good job, the chickens are sure to love it :D And your garden is sure to love all their poop, weeding and de-bugging :D

Those are some serious raised beds Eddie was climbing up and down! Were your beds that high last year? They look bigger than before.

steph.kelley said...

What a neat thing! Kudos Dave. And how cute is your kid trodding the dirt mounds. xoxo