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Monday, April 4, 2011

Garden Gnomes

The weekend before last I was doing some gardening in our front yard. We bought a sack of 70 gladiolus bulbs at Costco. My mother-in-law loves these flowers. It was sweet when Dave asked me if we could make sure to plant tons of them around the yard since they remind him of his mom and her garden is stuffed full of them, too. Normally he doesn't care a lick about our front yard, so I was happy to oblige when he made this sentimental request.

When our neighbor kids (Callen and Mary Jane) saw that I was out there gardening with Eddie and the chickens they came right over.Callen was in charge of digging the holes (I told him where to put them), then either Eddie or Mary Jane would put a bulb in, and Eddie would cover it up with soil. It was a great system! In less than an hour we got all 70 planted!

Callen discovered that the chickens LOVE eating bugs, worms, and slugs. Those were some happy chickens because Callen was very diligent in collecting all sorts of critters for them.While I love big kids' antics (their emphatic stories and the silly names they have for everything--like Mary Jane calling daffodils "daffodillies"), the best part is that they entertain Eddie enough that he stays in the yard with me. Since we live next door to a lush 5 acre park, it is always a struggle to keep Eddie from running off to the park. Dave even came out and enjoyed the fun with us. While Callen and I finished gardening, Dave started a kick ball game with Mary Jane and Eddie.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I love spring and I love that we have so many cutie pie garden gnomes living in our neighborhood!


Kelly said...

Those gladiolus are going to be so pretty!! Fun video, you are lucky to have so many little helping hands :D

steph.kelley said...

This is Julie in her element, surrounded by plants and kids! You look great in that environment. :) Also I love the video -- Eddie is clearly enjoying his own legs, and the way you respond to the kids playing and helping while you work too is perfect and endearing. XO

steph.kelley said...

PS: Your yard looks amazing!!!