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Friday, April 8, 2011

Toddlers = Surprises

I just had to document some of the weird things Eddie has been doing lately. He's always cracking me up...unless he's throwing a tantrum.
  • He was "helping" me take out the garbage yesterday evening. My routine is to collect the little garbage cans from the bathrooms and bring them into the kitchen so I can dump them all into the one bag. We throw dirty disposables diapers into a small black lidded garbage can that we keep under the sink (to prevent dumpster diving...ew...). I always leave it in the garage for a few hours so it can air out. Well, Eddie decided to play with the main part of the can (not the stinky insert). Hours later, after he was in bed, I went to put it away but couldn't find it. I decided to start a load of laundry in the meantime...and guess what I found inside our front-loader? The garbage can, of course.
  • He likes to walk around the utility yard with me, pointing out all the piles of dog poop. I follow him with the pooper scooper thing. Whenever he finds one he points and yells, "POOP! Yuh-gee! Yuh-gee!" I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way he says "yucky." I'll have to capture it on video soon before he learns to make the "k" sound in that word.
  • Since we brought our baby bantam chickies home, he insists on being held up so he can see them. They are kept inside an opaque Rubbermaid tote on the workshop bench so the dogs can't get to them. He yells, "See! I seeeeee! Yick-yens!" As soon as I pick him up his little feet and legs start kicking out of excitement. He peers over the edge of the container and is silent for a few seconds (truly, a rare state for him). Then he points out where the yick-yens are, where the food is, and where the water is. He's a little farmer-in-training.
  • He tries REALLY hard to pronounce the ends of words. I'll say something and then he'll repeat it, then I'll repeat it. Hearing him say "thoughT" and "milK" is adorable.
And just to be complete, here are the non-adorable things:
  • Tantrums
  • Throwing his food or whatever you hand him when you--gasp--mistakenly hand him the wrong thing. It'll be nice when he has better vocabulary so I will actually understand what he's asking for.
  • Whining. What bugs me more is that I respond to it! For the last two weeks I've been trying really, really hard to ignore him when he's whining and then flatly state that he needs to use words to tell me what he wants. Usually he can't because he doesn't have the words yet. So I make a suggestion to see if that's what he wants. This is, of course, encouraging him to keep whining to get whatever he needs from me. But I feel like I have no choice because he can't really talk yet. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This is a short line to walk. Suggestions, anyone?


Updates on Allison said...

Maybe you can ask him to show you what he wants since he doesn't have the vocabulary to tell you yet? Hahah I'm not a kids person at all so I have no idea, but maybe pointing would help.

Team Roy said...

I also ask Charlie if he can show me what he wants. And if the whining continues I tell him that once he calms down, we can try to figure it out together. I really emphasize calming down before making any forward progress - its been a few months and he truly GETS it. He'll calm down and usually we figure something out, or he get's distracted by something else :-)

Mariah said...

does he like to sign? Andrew still uses puppy noises I've had to start ignoring him but he's older

Justin said...

Yick-yens! I love your documentation of Eddie's life. This blog will truly be a treasured family heir loom. And a vessel to embarrass him immeasurably in later years. It's a valuable investment. :)

Kaitlin said...

no suggestions...i, myself, am still trying to figure it out. i've been watching dr. phil and supernanny for ideas. the thing i've learned most about parenting is that pretty much everything is easier said than done (and most things are total logic, too...the make sense when you talk about doing it, but actually doing it is an entirely different story)