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Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to Use Disposable Diaper Liners

I could never find a good online tutorial on using disposable/flushable diaper liners. So I figured I'd make one myself!

We have been using size large Bummis brand diaper liners for Eddie's cloth diapering since he began eating solid food. Once he got some real food into him, his poops got nasty and I was tired of scraping them into the toilet.
A roll of liners costs $9 here in Davis, but I'm sure they are cheaper online. It works out to $0.09 each, assuming you only use them once. However, you can use them more than once if:
That can bring the cost down by more than half!

But then I realized that you can also use washed disposable wipes as liners, too. Wipes are a good, inexpensive alternative to disposable liners. However, they are NOT flushable! So make sure you throw them away.

Flushable/disposable diaper liners are a thin, papery material that are designed to "catch" poop in a diaper. The idea is that the solid poop will collect on the liner so the parent simply gathers up the liner and tosses it into the garbage or the toilet. We don't flush them because we don't trust our house's old plumbing. Washed and dried disposable wipes are good liners, too, and are used exactly the same way. They are often a bit smaller so I have to stretch them out a bit to fit across the entire diaper. It isn't uncommon for them to have some holes throughout, but generally the "webbing" is enough to work.

Here is a picture of a washed diaper liner that was washed and dried (and stretched back out). You can see that there are some holes, but it will still work just fine!It might seem like one extra step in the already labor-intensive routine of using cloth diapers, but we've found that it is quick (and 100% worthwhile!) to simply fold them into the diapers before we put them away.

First, we stuff the inserts in to the pocket diapers. Then stack the flat/open diapers. Next we lay down a clean/dry diaper liner, fold the diaper in half, and stack it with the others.

Having all the diapers folded with a liner inside makes diapering super easy. I just grab one of the diapers and open it, making sure to unfold the liner at the same time. (My stuffed frog, Fiber, is filling in for a human baby here...)Put the whole thing under the kiddo's rump:
Pull the liner up over the baby's crotch so if he poops it'll be "caught" by the liner:
The pull the actual diaper up:Then snap it closed:Most of us know our baby's poop schedule, and would be inclined to only use a liner when you are sure he's going to poop. I've been duped too many times so I always include a liner. Since we wash and reuse them, it makes cloth diapering cheap AND easy.


Kelly said...

Great tutorial Julie, I love the frog model! I wish something like this was up when we were using cloth diapers!! I still want to go back to them (especially when Renee is ready for potty training), so I'll be sure to come back and re-read this post :D

Mariah said...

I love that you did the tutorial and especially with the frog

LSharkey said...

This is super helpful! THis is how I'm planning on cloth diapering. What diapers are those? Do you use all of the same kind? I may have already asked you those questions... :-) Also, how many diapers total do you have?

Emily said...

thank you...this was so helpful!!

Marion said...

Great post Julie. Simple to following instructions and very helpful...with a frog. Love it! Marion :)