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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bowers Love Puppies

In early November by brother and sister-in-law adopted two female McNab puppies. Their beloved Missy Bean had to be put down this past summer due to old age complications and they were ready for a new dog. One of the new puppies (they called her Zephyr) was actually for Dave's parents, whose older dog is nearing "retirement."

Little Zephyr is now living up in Gualala, keeping my mother-in-law super busy. She chews on everything, loves to hide in dark places, and must be watched at all times, lest she go potty or get into something she's not supposed to. As you can imagine, Dave is enamored with her. So much so, that I had to admit that I was a little worried he'd fall so in love with her that he'd love our doggies less. But being the good husband/dog-lover/father that he is, he assured me that would never happen. (We'll see...)

We've been web-chatting with Dave each night this week from dinner prep through bath time. And each evening he scoops Zephyr up into his arms so Eddie and I can swoon over her. She's now about 3 months old and much bigger and more active than when I first met her at 2 months old.If you know Dave well, you know that his chosen "career" in life (if he could manage it) would be to breed/raise McNab border collie puppies and be a potter. There is a picture of Dave as an 8 year old, holding a litter of puppies while sitting in a dog house wearing rubber muck boots. It is the most adorable picture of him. Hopefully I can find it in his baby book and post it here.

Until then, here's a picture of our web chat from a few nights Bowers sure do love these doggies!As a side note: I'm calling this new pup Zephyr, the name given to her by Mike and Bernie. My mother-in-law, however, is calling her Missy. Missy! Like the dog that was jut put down this summer. Ahhhhhhhhh! Isn't that a little...uh, creepy? I know the whole family loved Missy Bean just as much as if she were a human member of the family (okay, more than if she were a human member of the family). But to name your new/replacement dog after your beloved old dog? No way. That'd be like naming my next child Eddie if my current Eddie happened to die. To be fair to my MIL, I'll call her "Miss" Zephie. But I cannot call her a dead dog's name. It just makes me shudder.

As a joke, I sent Dave a text telling him that he should bring Miss Zephie home to Davis for the weekend. And to my surprise, my MIL was totally okay with it. I think she needs a break, haha. Eddie is sooooooooooooooo excited that Zephie gets to come to play this weekend. Our dogs have played with her before, but since they were at Mike's house and distracted by him and all the new toys at his house, they didn't pay much attention to the puppy. This time it'll be different, I'm sure.


Team Roy said...

So cute. I want a dog one day, and the next I don't. But the majority of the time, I don't want a dog...definitely not right now to be exact. Later down the road when two kids are not so dependent on me and I have the energy/time to devote to a dog, I'd really like to get one. We will adopt when the time comes, I look forward to having a 'buddy' when Kyle is away and Kyle looks forward to having extra security at the house while he is away too. Plus the kids will love it...someday...when/if we get one.

Mariah said...

HOw fun! I want to borrow a puppy for a weekend! And I think Dave's face is priceless in that last one-total puppy love very sweet

steph.kelley said...

Oh boy new puppy at home! I love the picture-in-picture shot of Dave with Zeph and you with Eddie at the stove behind you. He was cooking dinner while you were just chatting away, huh! :P xoxo