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Monday, December 19, 2011


Yikes, how did I not post about Thanksgiving before now? Oh...that's got in the way. I suppose it is nice that real life gets in the way of blogging about my life. Otherwise, what would I blog about?
This year we had Thanksgiving at our house and Edward and Jennifer were able to be here, too. Dave took the whole week off, but got sick a few days before and was pretty miserable (and silent from the laryngitis). But he was able to get lots of rest and I was able to get lots of cooking done. Mostly because I started my cooking on Sunday before and just threw side dishes into the freezer.

Our feast was small compared to most years, although we did have a lot of variety. Everything except the casserole and rolls were gluten free, and therefore Jennifer-friendly. We also chose to do chickens instead of turkey so that Edward could eat the meat, too. (He's allergic to turkey...weird, I know.) I didn't realize until I had made the casserole that the canned soup I used had wheat in it. Dang! This is why I should make everything from scratch...dangit. I don't think anyone would know that the meal was gluten free.

We had: roasted chickens, mashed yams with raisins and pecans, stewed greens, green bean casserole, focaccia, butter horn rolls, cranberry jelly and relish, butternut squash bisque, gravy, bread stuffing, and a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. My mom also brought me some pies from Sharry's, the restaurant chain that took over Baker's Square. I had hoped that they kept the French Silk recipe the same, but sadly, they did not. It was too sweet and runny. I've had this pie recipe on file for a while but have never made it because it requires raw eggs. But maybe now's the time since I have a seriously hole in my life without French Silk pie. (The Baker's Square here in Davis closed in the middle of my pregnancy, after the doctor ordered me to avoid chocolate. So I haven't had any of that scrumptious pie in years.)My mom and Jennifer decorated/set the table...isn't it lovely?Eddie is really into having candles lit at the table (in fact, we have candles lit at EVERY meal nowadays). My mom thought it would be fun to eat by candlelight. But it was too dark so Jennifer and I strung up some Christmas lights on the curtains. It was okay but they were creepy LED lights that were too "white." I would have preferred to dine with the lights on, but it sort of worked since we all ended up whispering along with Dave, who had lost his voice. (Mob mentality much?) It was hilarious when Dave "yelled" at Taters to "go on!" (meaning "get out of the kitchen and dining room while we are eating, dog. You know the rules."). Taters actually obeyed much more than he usually does when Dave has his full voice. Ha!

After dinner but before dessert, everyone except Dave and my mom decided to go for a walk so we could return a Red Box DVD. While we were gone, my mom did the dishes and Dave took a nap. We got back just in time for Horton Hears a Who on tv. It had rained recently so Eddie had lots of fun splashing in the puddles.
Overall it was a nice holiday. I just hope Dave isn't sick for the next one!