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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mini Weekend

Dave decided to stay, at my suggestion, in Gualala on Thursday night because he was very tired after a full day of work and then a late meeting. So he came back home on Friday at 11am, meaning that I got to have a nice morning at home with Eddie.
During lunch I knitted with some girl friends. Kelly showed me (easy it is) to cable! My legwarmers should be completed soon! That evening my lab went out for a drink with a visiting Chinese professor, who downed a beer faster than any of us Americans. Ha! We intended to go to a neighbor's birthday party that night, but Eddie and I were having some much fun playing with Miss Zephie, the puppy, that we decided instead to play at the park with the dogs.
Saturday morning, I got up at 5:45 to see the lunar eclipse. It was freaking freezing outside so I didn't stay long. The total eclipse was to happen at like 6:06, but I didn't want to stay up/out that long. So I snapped a picture for Dave and headed back inside to our warm bed. I'm glad I got up, though. It WAS pretty cool.
Later that morning, Dave made waffles with blue sprinkles in the batter. Then he got set up to hang the Christmas lights on the roof (turns out one whole strand doesn't work). I took Eddie to Michael's craft store and to Costco to keep him out of Dave's hair and--most importantly--off the tall ladder. We bought some stocking stuffers, groceries, and a pack of cards and envelopes for our holiday cards, too. Hopefully our ghetto printer will print on them okay.
Instead of buying commercial photo cards this year, we will be making our own cards. That's only because I had a free promo code for 50 prints from Shutterfly. The ONLY family picture we have this year is from Halloween, so that's what we are in Peter Pan costumes. Ha! Eddie is in an "I scream and fuss and refuse to look at the camera" phase and has been most of this past year, so this was the best we could do. He isn't even looking at the camera (off to the side, to Uncle, who was distracting him from being camera cranky). So our cards will be a little ghetto this year. Oh well, handmade with love trumps a traditional portrait, right? RIGHT.
Eddie napped from about 1:30-4:45pm so we didn't make it to the movie we wanted to see with him at 4:30 (Puss in Boots). His long naps are great because I get a lot done, but it prevents us from doing fun things sometimes. Yesterday I was able to deep clean both bathrooms (skipping the floors, though), put all the Costco stuff away, watch a show and eat some dinner, and a million other things. Dave had time to clean up the garage, fix a fan, and go to Target to get his flu shot, plus more Christmas lights and some candy for stocking stuffers.
Once Eddie got up, the neighbor called to see of Miss Zephie was able to come to the park for a play date with her dog (they had played a lot on Friday in the front yard, I guess). We all ended up playing at the park with all the dogs. I think Zephie was a little overwhelmed because she ran back home a couple of times. She sure was tired afterward from all the excitement! (See our spiffy new couch they are on? We love it!)
Then we decorated the front yard with all sorts of lights--strands of pink, purple, blue, green, and some of those net ones in multicolor for the one bush we have. It is whimsical and fun. Dr. Seuss would be proud.
About that time, Dave remembered that his dad said there was some extra work they could do on Sunday. Not wanting to pass up the extra income, we both agreed that he should go.
Since we still wanted to do a family outing, we opted for ice cream and cupcakes downtown after Eddie and Dave ate their dinner. It was delicious. We both chuckled after we got home--it was the first time in a loooooooooong time that we went downtown for food as a family (and drove, to boot!). About 98% of the time we stay home and eat food that I've prepared. It was a nice change of pace, for sure.
This morning Eddie and I had breakfast, made a loaf of persimmon bread, and then headed outside to thin the turnips and carrots in the front yard. The chickens joined us and ate all of the slugs I found while gardening. It is pretty dang cold outside and my fingers were nearly frozen when we decided to go back inside for hot chocolate, pretzels, and an episode of Chuggington. I can't stand this show, so I'm blogging via email.
This afternoon we will skip nap time so we can meet Cassie and some other parents at the local Christmas tree farm. Hopefully I can get a picture of Eddie with Santa. I've never taken Eddie to the mall, so I feel like this will be his only chance to meet Old St. Nick.

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i want to see pics of all your lights!