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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Feasting

I was chatting with Dave online last night about all the food I want to make during the two weeks we will be together for the holidays. Granted, it will mostly just be the three of us Bowers, but I can't help myself...I just love variety. I won't make a lot of each thing, just a little bit of each so we can have our own buffet.
  • Buffalo chicken dip
  • bbq ribs
  • fondue
  • paella
  • mussels and fries
  • eggs benedict (I've never made Hollandaise before)
  • bacon jalapeno poppers
  • donuts
  • steamed buns like you get at dim sum
  • roast a whole, big fish (I want to see Eddie's reaction; he likes fish, but I'm not sure he understands that what we eat is the same as what we see)
  • something Moroccan using preserved lemons (I made some a couple of months ago and they are ready to be used)
If I can get my hands on some purple ube paste or powder I'll make an ube cake with the mutant coconut I bought on discount in Gualala.

I already promised myself that I can sit down and make the feasting grocery list after I finish my headspace gas measurements in lab tomorrow (it'll be my "treat" with my afternoon coffee). We all know how much I love making lists and cooking so this'll be a treat indeed. Mmmmmmmm.
Since we're talking about lists, here are the things I'd like to do with Eddie and Dave over the holidays: see the Christmas lights at Deacon Dave's in Livermore, ride the train somewhere, go sledding/tubing, go to the zoo, go swimming, and take Eddie to a movie. Hopefully we all stay healthy so we can eat and enjoy to our heart's contents!


Mariah said...

What a great idea. We need to go on a train ride when K has this cmas break off! voila shirking normal boredom again for me

Kaitlin said...

Josh said the one thing he wants to do is go to Deacon Dave's. Maybe we'll see you there!