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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Eddie's Getting a Cousin!

My sister-in-law, Bernie, is pregnant with a baby girl. She's due on Saint Patrick's day and I can't wait to meet her! I'm super excited for Bernie because I know how much she wants a baby. It'll be so great for Eddie to have a cousin who is near him in age and location. Growing up I didn't really know any of my cousins because they all lived far away and/or were much older.

This baby girl should be beautiful, considering how pretty Bernie is. It'll be interesting to see what she looks like since Bernie is half Filipino with dark skin/hair and Mike is part Italian with reddish hair. Mixed race babies are always gorgeous.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving was Mike's birthday so we all went on a hike and a picnic at Mt. Diablo. Bernie was there and it was the first time that we saw each other since she found out I was pregnant. She wouldn't talk to me, however, even though we were both part of the same group-wide conversations. I think she only looked at me once, and it was by accident. She didn't even acknowledge Eddie because I was holding him the whole time.But at least she's willing to be around me now. Its a start, I suppose.

We brought the all terrain stroller for our hike but since Dave forgot to bring the carseat attachment, we used it to carry everyone's stuff instead of the baby. This was Eddie's first time facing out in the carrier. I'd say he liked it, but really he just fell asleep.


huntfamily said...

i really hope things get better with her....hopefully at least once the baby is born. and kudos on carrying everyon's stuff in the stroller..hahahahhaha

steph.kelley said...

Dear forebearing Julie, you are more equanimitable than I could be in such a situation. I hope she improves once she has her own bundle of joy to distract her.