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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Over the last couple of weeks, Eddie has made major motor skill strides.My mom and I were playing with Eddie last Saturday while my dad and Dave were in the garage installing outdoor lights around the garage door. I put Eddie on his tummy so he could show off his head-holding-up skills for his doting Grandma. And then he rolled over! It was sooooo exciting! I put him back up on his belly and he did it again in the other direction.I ran out into the garage and announced it to the menfolk. They were excited, but not so excited as to run inside with me to see him do it again. (Men...sigh.) He didn't do it again that night for my dad to see but he's done it again for Dave to see.

We know he can almost roll from his back to his tummy, too, since we often find him almost on his tummy in his crib after a nap.

About 2 weeks before I left for the east coast Eddie discovered his hands. He'd hold them up in front of his face, turn them around, and just stare at them with this expression on his face that said, "Whoa dude....those are like attached to my body. Far out, dude." He munches on his fingers and palms whenever he can. The drooling has begun so he now wears a terrycloth bib almost all the time.

Around Thanksgiving he began to purposely grab at things with his hands, or kick things with his feet. He can spin the frog toy around and around when he's in his bouncy seat and hold onto rattles if you put it close enough to him. Anything he gets in his hands he immediately shoves into his mouth. It is sooooo cute!He babbles and smiles a lot now, too. When we sing to him he laughs, babbles, and tries so hard to mimic our mouth movements. I love sticking my tongue out and watching him try to do the same.

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steph.kelley said...

Wow! I can't wait to meet the little guy again — so much more like a little person than last I saw him.