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Friday, December 4, 2009

Hair Loss

All the pregnancy books tell you that while expecting your hair will feel fuller and thicker. What they don't tell you is that at about 11 weeks postpartum you will start to lose TONS of hair. When you're pregnant there's a hormone that prevents your hair from falling out as it normally does everyday. Losing less hair means thicker hair.

But when that hormone is gone, whoa, you suddenly start to lose a lot of hair. I sorta freaked out when I brushed my hair and wads of it would come out in my hand and in the brush. But after doing a little reading I realized what was going on.

This weekend I got about 6 inches of my hair cut off. Eddie has started grabbing my hair so I figured the shorter the better. It is always a weird sensation to wash my hair for the first time after a major hair cut. I forget how little there is and always use too much shampoo.I don't know if it is a coincidence, but Eddie also started losing a lot of hair at around 11 or 12 weeks old. Almost all of his newborn hair is gone, except for the whorl on the back of his head and down near his neck: The top of his head is nearly bald compared to when he was born. Here he is at a few days old:
And now look:
His little hat is full of hairs and when I brush my hand over his head lots of hairs fall out. It is sad, but I know his hair will eventually grow back. All babies lose their super soft newborn hair.

At least he has his Grandpa's beard to keep his balding head warm: I realize this picture is disturbing, but if you're going to have a ridiculous beard like my dad does, you might as well play with it, right? =)


huntfamily said...

oh gosh. the same thing happened with me...both times. it does eventually stop. and eddie's hair will grow back super fast...gosh he is so dang cute! and i love your new cut!

steph.kelley said...

You new 'do is fabulous! Cuter than ever! Won't say the same for Eddie with white beard-wig, though. :P