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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Anniversary Gift

You know you're married when most of your anniversary, birthday, Mother/Father's Day, and Valentine's Day gifts are items for the household.

You know you're married to the right person when that doesn't bother you one little bit.

(At least in our case.)

Behold, our 4 year anniversary gift to each other: a new Nesco American Harvest food dehydrator with fruit leather trays.
The one we currently have is really my dad's and it is probably just about as old as I am. Every year it makes a new noise and one of these days it is just going to quit--probably when we're neck-deep in tomatoes destined to become sun-dried. Besides the heater and fan mechanism failing, the plastic spokes on the trays are also breaking. We have only 2 fruit leather trays right now and we're super excited (seriously, even Dave is) to have more.

The only bummer is that in the 3 days since we placed our order the price went down another $7. Oh well, at least we got free shipping!


mu rye uh said...

Totally I want a Steam cleaner for my bday

Team Roy said...

Fun, fun, fun! If I could choose my next gift it would be to have our trees trimmed. We have 2 LARGE ones, but I think it would have to count as an anniversary, birthday, Christmas and mother's day gift! Our trees are big. Looking forward to seeing what you guys make up with your gift!