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Friday, June 18, 2010

Baby Sitting Swap

Right now I go to campus 3 days a week: on M/W Eddie goes to daycare at Cassie's and on F he stays home with Dave. I'd love to have an extra day or even a half day on campus but we don't want to spend even more money on childcare. So I started asking around to see if any of my mama friends were interested in swap sitting. After getting no interest from the pregnancy support group moms from last year, nor anyone I know on Facebook, I finally posted an ad in the childcare section of Craigslist.

My ad explained that I'm a grad student looking for 4-8 hours of swapping per week, ideally with another grad student, and that I won't travel outside of Davis for this.

Five people contacted me immediately. This afternoon Dave, Eddie, and I met Morgan and her baby boy, Jonah, who is only 4 days younger than Eddie. He's adorable and mellow and his mom is really nice. They also have dogs at home so that's not an issue (something I didn't mention in the ad). Starting next Wednesday we'll be swapping 4 hours each week at our house--I'll go to campus from 8-12 and then we'll switch.

Cassie knows that I've been looking for someone to swap with and she said I could rearrange Eddie's schedule at her house if I need to. I think I will have him at daycare M/Th. That way I'll go to school M/half day W/Th/F but will have all day T to get errands done and hang out with my darling Eddie Pie. When and if Dave EVER gets a job near Davis then we'll have Eddie in daycare on Fridays, too (unless we can't afford it and then we'll have to do more swapping).


Team Roy said...

I'm so glad you found someone to work with you, Eddie, Dave and your schedules!

erin said...

how to you choose a babysitting or someone you dont really know to watch your baby? im going to have to find one and it makes me nervous! how can i trust someone i dont REALLY know?