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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bippity Bopity Boo

What was supposed to be a potato patch is now a pumpkin patch. I planted about 30 potatoes but after a month with only a few sprouted I decided to also plant spaghetti squash and Jack-o-lantern pumpkin seeds. Then a few days ago I decided to also plant some more sunflower seeds amongst the pumpkin vines for fun.

I'm pretty sure these vines are going to prevent us from parking more than one car on the driveway. But that's fine by me!
This sweet boy kitty came to hang out with us while we chatted with a neighbor this morning. He's come into our house before (when the dogs weren't home) and I gave him some milk. I wish I could keep him, he's so sweet. Eddie and I are working on a name for him since we don't know his real name. Any thoughts? I like pet names that are foods.
I love seeing the delicate, winding tendrils on the pumpkin reminds me of Cinderella. I think I have that Disney movie (on VHS) and I might just watch it later today! It always puts me in the mood to clean and if you could see the dust in my livingroom you'd know that some cleaning inspiration is just what I need right now.
Eddie has a diaper rash as of last night so I think we're going to hang out on the patio naked this afternoon to help clear it up. And then at 6:30pm we get to meet our favorite doctor (Kristin) for dinner at Thai Nakorn. Woo!


mu rye uh said...

ah Kristin! and I love how you garden it inspires me and I agree about Cinderella it makes me want to clena (and to get 1950's fake eyelashes).
I love cats my top votes
codfish (coddy for short)
butternut (butters for short)
Gouda (gouda gouda gum drops for long)


make sure you post his name later!

Kelly said...

So, I'm sitting here in my office reading your blog instead of journal articles! I just can't focus right now, so thanks for the entertainment! And for the kitty name, how about "Earl Grey". I know tea is not exactly food, but it's close :D