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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I love finding pictures on the camera card that I didn't take. These are a few that Dave took last Friday while I was at school. He was trying out the different effects on the camera, thus the grainy black and white photos.

We have a bunch of left over pieces of PVC pipe scattered around the porch from our irrigation project. Eddie loves playing with them so we've never thrown them away. One of these days we're going to get him a whole box of pipe pieces and various fittings to play with. My dad fondly remembers playing with pipe pieces in the back of his family's station wagon on long car trips. I'm sure Eddie will enjoy it, too.
It'll be fun in a couple of years (or sooner) when we find pictures that Eddie took with the camera.


Kait said...

it WILL be fun when you find pictures Eddie takes....and then you'll get mad that he was messing around with the camera :)

janror said...

Hi Julie
I am a friend of your mother's from college and have been trying to catch up with her. She was in my wedding but we had lost touch over the years. Somehow I just found your blog. Please let her know I am trying to contact her. I have a Facebook page under Janice Mayfield Rorick. Thanks. I have a grandson about the age of your little one so I know she is having fun with him. I am besotted with Westley! Janice Rorick

erin said...

oh my gosh look at those eyelashes!!! so pretty!

Mike Halliday said...

Expect a lot of noses, tops of his head, and feet at first.