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Friday, June 18, 2010


I love living in Davis for a lot of of them is finding tons of nice, free stuff in our neighborhood. In a small town largely populated by students, the end of the school year means you see free stuff everywhere. It's pretty amazing what people deem unworthy of packing when they move out of the dorms or an apartment/house. Lots of my friends go "dorm diving" (like dumpster diving) and rummage through all the stuff left outside the dorms each June--they find clothes, lamps, school and cleaning supplies, and lots and lots and lots of unopened food. Crazy!

The other day Eddie and I were walking to the Dollar Store to buy some frozen peas (and a candy bar for me...shhhhhh). We walked down our old street a few blocks from the park and I found a whole grocery sack full of cookie cutters. Two of them are even the nice nonstick kind you can use to make pancakes. I took the whole bag (which also had a couple of books inside). I can't wait until Eddie's big enough to make sugar cookies or Jello jigglers with me...or to play with Play Dough.

I've never seen such tiny alphabet cutters before...too bad it is missing the V. For our wedding we received a larger set of letters and numbers so I'm sure we'll have lots of fun when he learns to spell.

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