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Friday, June 4, 2010


...No, no, I'm not pregnant.

Yesterday I took Eddie to a radiation clinic in Vacaville to get a sonogram of his "undercarriage." The urologist thinks he can feel Eddie's undescended left testicle but he can't be sure. He said there's a 20% chance that it will come down on its own before the age of 2 and if not, then he will do a "minor procedure" to pull it down. First, though, he needs to determine that Eddie even HAS a left testicle and what it is stuck on.

I'm sure the sonogram technician has never worked so hard as she did to get those images from my sweet baby boy. My sweet WRIGGLY baby boy. We tried having him lie down, stand up, sit, etc. before I finally just held him in a spread-eagle position. Even that was tough because he wanted to grab the wand thing out of her hand. It was hilarious.

I finally gave him my phone and he managed to unlock it and call my brother, who was having an interview with Google in NYC at the time (sorry if we interrupted you, Edward!). My poor phone still works but it took a good hour before the drool dried enough so I could hear people talking.

The technician told me she wasn't allowed to discuss what she saw in the sonogram with me since she's not a doctor. I'm assuming the testicle is actually present because she kept labeling shots with "left test long view" and such.

By the time she got everything she needed, all three of us were covered in sonogram gel.

Eddie and I went to Winco afterward and he was such a good boy sitting in the cart while I did my shopping. He ate 3 whole Ritz crackers and about a million Cheerios.

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