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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Best Tuesday

On Tuesday we decided to go hiking with the babies and doggies since I didn't have to babysit little Anthony (sadly, he won't be coming at all anymore since his family moved). Michael is on paternity leave so he and Zennie got to come along with us. He introduced us to an easy walking trail at the American River Confluence area. It was basically flat, mostly in the sun, and about 15 minutes from the car. Not bad at all!

I should have brought an umbrella for Michael to hold over Zennie so she wouldn't have to be in the direct sun. But we lathered her with sunscreen and she was fine in the front pack.
We played in the water for about 2 hours. Potatoes and Ruby went swimming (Emmy didn't) and Taters even jumped/fell into the river from a tall rock! The babies thoroughly enjoyed playing in the water.We ate lunch out there, in the little bit of shade we could find. Eddie kept dropping his cheese, muffin, and banana pieces on the beach and would just pick them back up! There's no telling how much sand he ate that day! (I have found loads--literally--of sand in Eddie's diaper the day following intense sandbox playing. He apparently likes the taste or texture in his mouth because I've seen him scoop handfuls of it into his mouth and then look at me like, "Look what I can do, Mama!")Zennie peed on me while I was holding both her and Eddie while Michael swam. I sorta shrieked out of surprise and a lady who was on the beach with us (panning for gold) laughed and said, "Well, no matter--urine is sterile."The babies and the doggies (and I) slept the whole drive home. Well, until we got to In-n-Out for an early dinner. =) We ate at Michael's house, let the babies play together, and then us Levie-Bowers headed home.

It was a great day. Hopefully we can go again soon on a weekend when Dave is home because I know he would have enjoyed it too.

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Team Roy said...

OMG those babies look alike! I think so at least. Bower genes must be strong ones. Looks like a fun outing!