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Friday, September 10, 2010

Grandma's Veggies

We're always told to eat plenty of fruits and veggies--they have lots of fiber and essential vitamins and minerals. Plus, they taste good.I always prefer veggies over meat, always. I like the crunch I guess. Dave would prefer to eat a hunk of beef for every meal. Luckily for his vascular health, Cupid paired him with me. =)

My favorites are green salads with spicy lettuces loaded with goodies: peas, corn, beets, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans...and of course all the fruits that masquerade as veggies (tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers). I love, love, love salad bars!

As a child I would always order a green salad with ranch dressing at restaurants--and I'd get upset if my parents wanted me to eat something more hearty (my dad generally thinks you should get the most caloric bang for your restaurant buck, barring unhealthy fried foods). Once when he and I were eating an early morning breakfast at Ruggies in Livermore before heading to our cabin, he made me order pancakes with eggs instead of a salad because he didn't want me getting too hungry on the ride up there. I was annoyed, but I've since learned that bodies do need a good balance of veggies, protein, carbohydrates, and fat.Even though I do love eating veggies, I would not recommend eating these veggies. They are made of ceramic and are not edible.These are home decorations. How weird, right? Yes indeed. My grandmother had these in her house for as long as I can remember. When she passed away my dad and I were dispatched to Georgia to pack up the house before it was sold. Many of the items were given to specific people (china, linens, artwork, tools), but some of the stuff we just took to Good Will as donations. We packed up these tacky veggie "dust collectors" and figured we'd give them to Good Will so some other geriatric citizen of La Fayette, GA could buy them.

One night my dad and I went to dinner at his Uncle Walter and Aunt Doris's farm. Before the food was ready I was looking at contents of the bookcases in the sitting area off the kitchen. Sitting in a basket near the fireplace was a collection of the very same ceramic veggies that my grandma had! My grandma and her sister were the best of friends, despite the 12 year age difference.

(This side of our family is doubly related, and therefore everything is "doubly" important/sentimental to me--and we've always socialized with this part of our family the most. My grandma and her sister married my grandpa and his brother, respectively. So all the folks in my dad's generation from these two families are double cousins.)

Seeing a matching set of veggies at Aunt Doris's made me tear up and smile. When we got back to the house that night I dug out the box of veggies and put them in the pile of stuff we were going to take home with us.

Now they sit on top of a cabinet in our kitchen. I usually forget they are there, but when I happen to notice them it makes me happy to think about my grandma and my aunt, both of whom I miss dearly.Pretty much every single "nick nack" in our house has some sort of sentimental value to me (otherwise what's the point of having it?). We aren't the type of people who go out and buy decorations just to decorate. Every so often I declutter the living room, but there's never much to get rid of since most things are near and dear to my heart. However, if our house burned down and we lost everything I would eventually get over the loss of all our "stuff" because the memories associated with "things" are really the only important things.

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