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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sous Chef #2

The best helper Eddie can be in the kitchen is when he's busy unloading drawers. Our kitchen gadgets have become old news to him...but when we go to Grammy's house in Gualala he's endlessly fascinated by her stuff.

We took these pictures two trips ago (you can see his hair is still shaggy), and I just ran across them again. Isn't he soooooooooooo stinking cute?

Now that he knows how to open cabinet doors, though, we'll be baby proofing some of her lower cabinets next time we're there (at least the ones with chemicals and glass bowls and the random tools she keeps in the kitchen--a hammer, scissors, pliers). I finally got the outlet covers installed in our house and I took some up to Gualala for exposed outlets. I hate those round push-in kind because they are soooooo hard to pull out and god forbid you leave one on the floor and step on it. Trust me.

My dad gifted the outlet covers to Eddie for Christmas (isn't that what every child wants, childproofing supplies?). They are spring loaded so they automatically cover the outlet when you pull a plug out. To insert a plug, you just press and slide to expose the openings. Nifty!


Kelly said...

Cool, gotta get some of those!!

mu rye uh said...

yes those are great. And kids can figure out how to get the plastic ones off...believe me! lol we keep a supply of baby proof stuff at family's house too and yes he is soooo cute!